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Metalco has become the world’s leader in manufacturing solutions and products for the high-impact urban spaces and smart city projects, aimed at bringing immediate benefits to people who use them. The company has developed “systemic products” that can be combined together to offer almost unlimited number of customization solutions and fit different space layouts.

Bellitalia is an ambassador, innovator and manufacturer of concrete urban furniture and landscaping solutions. Its products are designed around the fundamental principles of timeless elegance, exceptional quality and innovation of materials.

Driven by an idea to create practical and elegant urban furniture for every neighborhood, CityDesign sees itself as a “street stylist”. Company’s goal is to democratize good design, enhance public spaces and eliminate industry’s complexity by becoming a one-stop shop for well-made, affordable urban furniture.

MyEquilibria is the only outdoor workout equipment manufacturer that brings together contemporary art, functional fitness and the community. It’s wide range of sculpture-like, outdoor fitness products is designed to help people exercise outdoors.

Eitherland is created to meet the rapidly growing demand for more fluid office spaces, that would promote employees wellbeing, creative thinking and productivity. Its Outdoor Office Lounges are inspired by the beauty of Renaissance gardens and equipped with the latest technologies to serve as an ‘expansion’ of the indoor work spaces.

Founded around the “fatto a mano” concept, 1984 is known for its artisanal talent. The company offers unique know-how, cutting-edge technologies, craftsmanship to help urban architects and designers bring their exclusive and, often, ambitious ideas to life. customization and sartorial.


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